What People are Saying...

“I could not understand why my margin for labour in my quotes wasn’t happening in real life.
I quickly worked out that I was pricing my labour wrong and missing time and money.
Thanks to Labour8”

- Bruce

“A long time ago I asked my accountant what the difference per hour was for tax and stuff.
He said add 20%. So much for that advice, I was losing money”

- Grant

“I’m a builder, and I was using a popular job pricing program that I got through my merchant. It said I would make 22-24% margin.
When we backcosted the work we were making 5-6%. The job quote software was completely wrong, and my labour costs were a lot higher.
Labour8 saved my arse before it was too late”

- Stephen

“So these guys from Labour8 came to see me in my accounting firm. They were suggesting I use it with my clients.
I realised I needed it for my own staff. Its hard to believe that you can learn something new after all of these years.
What a great little invention. I love it”

- Thomas

“When you have 6 staff to keep busy, and you miss gaps in your workload because you are to busy to see them, it really pisses me off.
My plumbers are a lot more active now. Well worth the money”

- Pete

“A friend told me to buy this. I had no idea why. What a life saver.
Why doesn’t everone know this stuff.
I have upgraded to a higher version too.
It just goes to prove, you can’t manage what you can’t measure”

- Laurie