Beat the recession
restructure the right way!


Economic resessions are a fact of life and surviving them is all about making the right
decisons so that you avoid letting the wrong people go

Beat the recession restructure the right way!


Labour8 lets you model the best way forward

It can be difficult to clearly see the right option to take when emotions are involved its not easy changing direction especially when it affects your staff.
You need to be objective so that you increase your chances of survival.
Avoid having to restructure again because you made the wrong decisions

  • Clarify your decison: restructure or make redundant?

  • Calculate the dollar cost of both options

  • Evaluate your staff anonymously

  • Try different configurations until your reach your decison

How to PIVOT when a recession hits

Choose the plan that fits your business

A single one off cost no monthly payments, with no hidden costs or surprises. Right to renew annually if you choose.

Restructure Edition

One Time Purchase (excl. Tax)


Includes 1st Year Software Support

(Ongoing Software Access and Support $60/Year)