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Q:  It appears that Labour8 is used by tradesmen to calculate hourly rates. Can I use it for my restaurant and cafe?

Labour8 is a universal tool that helps you with every kind of enterprise. Even charities benefit from using it.
As a cafe restaurant owner, you will want to know your real cost of staff, and how you compare to similar businesses.

Q:   I see that it says the software is a one-time purchase. I guess that means that I’m not paying every month like other software.
What is the annual Ongoing Software and Support money for?

Yes, you are right, you are not paying every month. It’s a one-off purchase.
The annual fee covers the cost of your data being on remote servers for cloud usage and the system maintenance costs.

Q:  We have a copy of the software, but I own another business. Can I use the software for both businesses?

If the business is totally separate from the other one, then you will have to purchase another copy.
If you have two branches of the same business, and you have the Pro or Business Edition, then you can run up to the permitted amount of Divisions.

Q:  How many staff can I load into Labour8?

It depends on the Edition that you purchased. All editions allow 100, or 500 staff. If you have more staff, we can set up a special arrangement.

Q:  What are the refreshes in the different Editions about?

Because Labour8 is cloud based, if you make a data change while the system has a lot of simultaneous users in it, the refresh of your reports refresh may be delayed by a little bit. This is common amongst cloud-based software that produce reports that are not time critical. It also saves you a lot of money and monthly fees.

Q:  Can I get Labour8 to link with my xero?

No. We looked into that idea and discovered that there is so little that relates to Xero it was better to leave it out.
We have instructions that will help you to do what you need easily.

Q:  I want my accountants to access my data. How do I do that?

It’s quite simple really. Have your accountant apply as an advisor.
They will get a handshake mechanism that allows you to dictate what they can see from your data. Your accountant will get some extra reports that you do not have access to.
When you have your next review with the accountant, you should be able to make some interesting observations, that will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Q:  Is there a user manual?

No. We made the decision to modernise training and use instructional videos instead.
This has proven to be a good move and it saves everyone a lot of time. If you have any requests for further training videos, please let us know.