Become an Advisor

Helping you to Help Others

Become a Labour8 advisor and expand your business.

Do you offer advice to businesses?

Do you help businesspeople to make better decisions on a regular basis?

Maybe you would like to expand your offering to your clients by engaging them in a new form of business analytics. Labour8 can help you by focusing your client on the areas of change management that really matter.

Labour8 is a fantastic tool for you and your clients to use. It exposes costs and inefficiencies that are normally hidden within a company’s financial figures.

Labour8 is an instrument that projects outcomes. Once the business data has been loaded, Labour8 will immediately report the current condition of your client. From this you can help them to anticipate the future outcomes should your client not address these issues.

Change Management

If you then apply your experience to the issues at hand, you can help your client to make changes and then track your progress through using Labour8 as your reporting tool. Labour8 is a fantastic tool for helping businesses to make change management decisions.

You will be able to address areas like;

With Labour8 at your side you can prove to your clients why you deserve the mantel of ‘business advisor’.

Become an Advisor

If you are a person or company who advises and consults to various businesses, we would encourage you to apply for recognition in our advisor listings.

Advisors for Advisors

Once you are an accepted specialist, Labour8 offers you the opportunity to present yourself as a specialist who can be called upon by other advisors. We all know that commerce comes in many forms and no one person can possibly know it all. Specialist Advisors offer themselves as people who can help everyone achieve more.

Through our advisor groups we can help you to become a celebrated specialist. You can apply for recognition at any stage and you can be endorsed by other advisors as competent in your field.

Apply to Labour8 for recognition as a specialist advisor

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Specialist Advisors

We are seeking advisors who can fulfil the role of Specialist Advisors. You will be deemed to have key strengths in certain areas. Please be aware that Specialist advisors agree to work with other advisors in a non-competitive manner.

Once accepted you can either be listed in the General Advisors section and/or the Specialist Advisor sections. At this stage the only pre-requisite is that you are an accepted advisor. The following categories will be available for application to. By applying to specific areas, you are saying that you are capable of helping the owners of these businesses - Note: you are not saying you are an accountant, you are saying you help accountants.

You Can Help Advise These Businesses

If accepted, we will list you as available in the categories requested. Be aware that you will be conducting business directly with your clients and for other advisors who may recommend you.

Advisors who recommend you are at liberty to negotiate with you remuneration for their introduction and all advisors are required to maintain a high professional standard when dealing with each other.

Removal from Labour8 Advisor Listings

Once you are accepted by Labour8 we will include you in our listings

If you are an advisor this means that you must accept that at all times you are under our current terms and conditions.

If complaints are received, and/or you are breaching our terms and conditions you may be removed from these listings. If you treat this privilege badly it is yours to lose. If you treat it very well, it is yours to make many gains.

If Labour8 receives reports of gross negligence, we reserve the right to review your status and have you removed from our listings. Complaints that are superficial may be eliminated by us at our discretion. Complaints that are not superficial will be addressed directly with you by us. The decision to revoke your status is at the sole discretion of Labour8.

Contact and Communications

All communications should be conducted through