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Once our clients have been through the Labour8 process they are likely to be making changes. Part of this change will involve solutions to operate within their business.

These systems may involve software, outsourcing, franchising and hardware. There may be other categories that we could include. It is our desire to see our clients prosper and do well because of business analytics tools. For this reason we are happy to accept requests from other organisations and channel our customers towards them. These solutions would not fit naturally within our Advisor categories (see find an Advisor).

If you have products and services that may help businesses improve their profitability, we are happy to make space for you to be able to connect with our clients. At this point in our evolution the space is offered on a monthly basis and it for free.

If your offering is industry specific please let us know and we will try to channel your offering to those specific offerings.

If you are interested in teaming with Labour8 to promote your product simply apply to Labour8 via with your offering and we will be in contact to discuss your placement.

Check out Labour8's advisor directory to find a
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Check out Labour8's advisor directory to find experts